Summer Karaskova
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Brand & Product

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Naming is always a big deal. It’s the start of branding, and also one of the most challenging, emotional, unpredictable steps in the process. But if the world happens to forget your logo, colors, tagline, doodles, jingle or custom emoji, you at least want them to remember your name. So it’s worth the extra time and creativity to make it a good one. Here are just a few of the names I’ve helped to get right:


Bracelets for social good. A handmade, socially-conscious line of jewelry designed to support access to clean water, healthy food and education opportunities for women in Kenya. Designed by and named after the Swahili word for “faith.”


Bioresorbable polymers from the medical ingredient company, Ashland. A highly technical product with a hyper specific job to do—deliver medicine where it belongs in the body without leaving synthetic materials behind. The name suggests essential movement, safe passage and active health.


Winemakers in Walla Walla, Washington. Their winery is due to open in 2020 with a name that speaks to their family’s history and their hopes of putting down new roots in the state’s most energetic wine region.


A logistics app from Amazon that helps truck drivers haul loads more efficiently, wherever they go. The tool guides them on where to deliver, when to get there, and provides gate information for faster gate entry—with an effortless and energetic name to sum it all up.